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At the age of 18, Myron Groening started a painting business that led him to become commercial and earn a living during his college years. He worked on renovations for buildings like restaurants, stores, and even malls. He did this while earning a degree in Business Administration.

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After earning his business degree, he toured the MIT college, but couldn’t bring himself to be a starving student any longer so he decided not to pursue postgraduate study. Instead, he went deeper into business administration and came up with innovative solutions for business owners to improve their communication processes.

Now, his background in contracting and business administration provides great insight about corporate customer care and business technology. He is passionate about businesses using On Call Business services to streamline their customer service. 

Fun Facts About Myron

Since he was 4 years old, he always loved riding dirt bikes and as he got older, he enjoyed racing motorcycles across North America.

His parents didn’t take him to any sports outside of school, so when he turned 20, he saved enough money to start racing at Manitoba Roadracing Association.

In his fifties, he still loves racing motorcycles! To this day, he can still be found riding motorcycles thanks to his very understanding wife.

He’s won the Canadian local club championship 14 times over the years and raced all across Canada and the United States.

He’s traveled a lot and has spent most of those travels in South East Asia where he also rode motorcycles and dirt bikes there.

The Story of
On Call Business

After many years of working with construction property managers, Myron started to see a gap that needed to be filled. He realized that emergencies were left unattended because of the communication gaps in many businesses. This made him think of ways to solve this problem by starting On-Call Business to support people in industries like these.

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Even when he worked with property managers, there were always emergency situations that required people to contact leaders in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, when the person responsible doesn’t answer the phone, then that left customers vulnerable. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way because On-Call Business is on the way!


When there’s an emergency, and you need to get a hold of someone in charge, it’s not always easy to get them. That’s why this business is important to ensure that responders are able to get help as soon as possible. Myron plans to improve this even further to make sure that businesses have communication processes in place to ensure that emergencies are taken care of in a timely manner. 


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On Call Business has managed to support many businesses, and yours could be next!

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