Remain in control even when you are unavailable.

On Call Business:
More Than
Just a Call Center

Make no mistake ... human communication is the most vital aspect of customer service.

This is why you should eliminate automated responses using On Call Business.

With us, you’ll become your own alternative call center.

What’s the Point of Hiring a Call Center?

Glad you asked! Many businesses may choose to handle all their client calls in-house, but what happens after hours?

This is how we can help:

Earn your customer’s trust

We understand that a customer is a king. With us, your customers will always be assured of available connections even after hours. Regardless of the time or place, the customer will always know that you are just a phone call away.

For this reason, hiring a call center can mean the loyalty of more customers improves. They could also use this medium to make future contracts and recommend other users to contract your services.

Never miss a sale

Every call can lead to a new customer. In the same way, every unanswered call can lead to the loss of a potential client as well. You can avoid making losses by choosing a call center that works properly.

With our high-end technology, we possess the capacity to scale through any volume of calls and send those calls to the right respondent at the right time.

Save time and resources

Convenience is important, but getting the job done with excellence is even more essential. With On Call Business, we bring both convenience and excellence to the table. We ensure that the calls are controlled and sent to each responder at the same time.

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Why Choose Us as
a Call Center?

We leave no calls unanswered. With our call response process, all calls are forwarded to another team member on the contact list if there is no response from the first. 

There are no wrong answers with us. We make sure that all processes and procedures are tailored to your business needs. All calls are smoothly forwarded to team representatives.

No call leaks! We provide a secure web interface that ensures that all communications are secure and protected.

You can add or remove team members’ contacts whenever you wish. If their shifts change or they take a short leave, your team members can be removed or replaced from the contact lists.

You owe us nothing. You can decide to say goodbye if you no longer want to use our service. However, we would be sad to see you go!

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Here’s How On Call Business Works

Our 3-step process is easy and effective. 

Here’s How 1

When a call comes through from a customer, the custom message set by your business is played to inform your customer that a responder will answer shortly. Customers don’t wait very long because the calls are connected to the first responders.

Who is the first responder?
The first responder is the first team member on the contact list to respond to a customer’s call.

Here’s How 2

When a customer is put on hold, our call service system connects the call to every responder on your business account. This ensures that every team member on the contact list has the opportunity to respond to the call.

What if the first responder doesn’t answer?
In this case, no time is wasted. The customer’s call is connected to the second and third responders respectively.


Note that the third responder is often the owner of the business or a director. 


It is also easy to change responders on our web interface.

Here’s How 3

Before a call is connected to a responder, a prompt is sent. This gives each responder enough time to be ready for the customer call.

How do responders access the calls?
To respond to a call, a responder has to press 1 on the phone screen pad within 30 seconds of getting the call since the customer will be on hold until then.


Not responding to a call will risk you losing the call to another responder. 


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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Our on-call service connects your customers to you as quickly as possible and allows you to be in control of how the calls are handled.
  • Your business calls would only be responded to by your business team. 
  • All calls are recorded and emailed to you as a way file immediately after the call is completed. This is great when you need to train new representatives.
  • Easy to use web interface for making changes to your business account.
What Sets Us Apart?​
What Sets Us Apart2
  • Call tracking and call logging for your business records.
  • Answer business calls directly from your personal cell phone. 
  • Reduce the rate of missed calls or losing customers to automated messages and voicemails.
  • Our reporting and recording features give you peace of mind and a powerful tool to review just how your calls are handled.
  • We are better than an ordinary call center. We have access to superior technology that standard call centers don’t have access to.

Customer Success Stories

On Call Business has managed to support many businesses, and yours could be next!

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Just add your call center as a responder to our web portal. All calls are recorded and you’ll know how much better your own trained staff can answer company calls.

Absolutely! You can answer your calls from anywhere you are. As a responder, you would be notified of any call and given ample time to prepare for a call.

Yes, they can. You can remove or replace any team member from your dashboard depending on their availability.

The main person in charge will be the last person on the call rotation, if they get a call that means all the other people failed to answer it. At that point, the call is left on the voicemail of the boss, and then the company can figure out how that happened. They are the end of the row and the system will stop hunting for more agents to call.

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