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Advanced and affordable services for answering and dispatching calls

Our easy to use call dispatch service is integrated with sophisticated technology, and detailed processes to ensure every call is processed accurately. You don’t have to worry about missing important information or losing your client to a competitor.

Handle “Mayday” Crises

Most call centers can handle emergency calls, however, the most important thing is to extract the most important information to handle the situation. A dispatcher is often in a better environment to hear a distress message and gather critical information from at-risk responders. The dispatch service may also be able to transmit calls that can be incorporated into the business operating procedures to put an emergency scene on notice of the mayday situation.

Save Time on Data Entry

Our system is configured to account for complex dispatching procedures. With this system, you have the ability to access all the call recordings and add them to your CRM programs, including work ticket systems, scheduling software, and case management applications. By integrating this with your business, our dispatching service can save you time on data entry and maintain process consistency.

Save Money

Outsource calls to dispatch services to improve your service quality and reduce your costs. With our infrastructure for your call center dispatching needs, you can avoid the costs associated with dispatching all of your calls internally.

Use an Efficient and Automated Process

Call dispatching services bring new technology to businesses and field service management companies. It improves every aspect of your contracting business, from the first phone call to a job well done. Help your business improve its efficiency and increase profits by putting a responsive dispatch process in place.

Call Dispatching Services Tailored to Your Business

  • Call Routing
    Why use a voice mail service when you can save money with our call dispatching service? With call routing, customers can still be retained before the responders take a call.
  • Quality customer service
    On Call Business dispatch services will connect calls straight to relevant employees. Quality customer service will become the norm because we’ll connect the customers to the right personnel in a short amount of time.
  • Call recording and reporting
    All calls are recorded and time-stamped. You’ll get detailed call reports so that you can track usage and maintain a high standard of customer care.
Call Dispatching Services Tailored To Your Business desktop
Call Dispatching Services Tailored To Your Business 2 desktop
  • On-call responders scheduling
    Responders can be changed on the business account setup at any time. On Call Business solutions ensure that calls are dispatched to the correct employee every time. When changes are made, they are instantly updated in our system.

  • Fail-safe system
    Our quality of service is one of the reasons why successful businesses turn to On Call Business to help them grow.

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Why Choose Us?

Not trying to toot our horn but we are the best in the business and we’re only ones providing this exact service. There are many more reasons why you should choose us for your business but here’s a few of them:

On Call Business dispatching services are designed to ensure that you never miss a call, regardless of the time of day. Whether you’re a field service company operating nationwide or a company serving local customers, our dispatching call center services can help keep your business running full time.

Setting up an after-hour call dispatching center costs less than you think. Instead of hiring hourly employees to dispatch your calls after hours, you only pay our subscription fee and get a call dispatch service depending on the subscription plan.


Our dispatch services operate at any time of the day, it can be connected to your main phone system. However, the price may change if you want all-day dispatch vs. after-hours dispatch services.

Every call made to your dispatching service is important, even those that result in routine messages. It’s important that every call made to your business is handled by trained professionals from your business who give callers the attention and care they deserve.


Call center agents might not be able to understand the customer pain point and can’t provide a positive customer experience. Our call dispatch service delivers your customers to the right responder at the right time. 

Our Customized Call Dispatch Process

Our call dispatch services are fully customized to meet the needs of your business. We help you determine which calls should be dispatched and where to refer non-urgent callers. 


We also show you how to deliver messages and establish procedures for dispatching information to the appropriate responder and ensure that they follow through and make contact with the customer. 


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Using a dispatch service helps ensure that your business has no down-time. Your business will always be running in one way or another. After hours, On Call business will secure more business for when you’re open. We ensure that all your customers are being served, no matter what time it is or what time zone they might be calling from.


We also always use the latest technology to meet your needs in the most efficient way possible. There’s no need to worry about how your business will be operating while we’re handling the phones. We’ll seamlessly integrate into your business’s existing protocols.

There are small delays on the cellphone network, sometimes the call does not go through on the cellphone network, our system is smart enough to try again, so your clients are always connected to a live person. That process to start ringing a phone may take up to 30 seconds while the caller is on hold to get the initial phone call connected.

In most cases, no. On Call business makes it possible for calls to connect seamlessly to your team members which in most cases are the responders. This would make you feel like you are always a call away 24/7.


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$ 100

5-10 employees

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$ 200

10-50 employees

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