Emergency Response

On Call business has the technology and expertise to keep you connected with your customers after office hours. 


Our emergency response system handles urgent customer phone calls after hours by providing scripts that are specific to your business. We also have a relay procedure that helps you quickly communicate with your customers. 


To back up your business in case of downtime, we can program our system to dispatch messages to your personnel. Regardless of your emergency response system needs, we have the right solution for you!

Who Needs an Emergency Response System?

Whatever your industry or emergency, clients and employees need a 24-hour, live connection to your business. From emergency dispatch services to emergency response systems, On Call Business has the tools you need to stay connected 24/7.

We cater to different varying businesses including:


Utility interruption or failure

This involves any business concerning telecommunications, electrical power, water, gas, steam, HVAC, pollution control system, sewerage system, other critical infrastructure).

Cyber security

(data corruption/theft, loss of electronic data interchange or ecommerce, loss of domain name server, spyware/malware, vulnerability exploitation/botnets/hacking, denial of service).

Benefits of Our Emergency Response System

We don’t leave emergencies to chance!

Setting up an emergency response system for your business is an easy process. Once you determine your emergency call procedures, they’re directly programmed into our system and ready for future use.


Whether you use our call forwarding connecting center on a daily basis or once a year, our system will always be available. Simply set up your business account with your responders and emergency protocols and it is ready to use!

In case of an emergency, we create an automated emergency response message for your customers before it connects with a responder. This scripting is tailored to your business needs and reflects professionalism and customer care.

There may be different employees that are designated as responders. In the event of an emergency, these employees serve as responders who make essential decisions on behalf of the business. Updates can be made on the business account so that our system can always use the most relevant protocol.

On-Call Business allows you to set up and change responders in minutes. In case of an emergency, our system allows you to set responders that are available to respond to customer calls immediately.

Our system call recording and logging process ensures that you can review all calls that are responded to on our system. This is useful for managers and decision-makers who want to analyze the effectiveness of communication with customers.

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Benefits Of Our Emergency Response System​ section 2

How does the Emergency Response System Work?

Our emergency response system is fully capable of handling emergency calls from customers regarding your business or sales. 


In most cases, customers use On Call Business as their emergency response system solution. We ensure to follow through with every emergency protocol set by your business.  


Scripts are programmed during the onboarding process and refined through emergency preparedness drills you may run for your business team. If the responders fail to answer a call in the case of an emergency, we know exactly how to handle them using those scripts.


Emergency calls can also be programmed to be forwarded directly to the owner of the business or the director in charge. This can be done directly from the business account setup.

How On Call Business Helps During Emergencies

During any emergency, our goal for your business is that all major lines of communication remain open. 


If your company operates locally, you’ll be available to your local clients if they need your services. If your company operates nationally, your out of area customers won’t see any disruption in service because of your local conditions.


As long as your calls can be diverted or forwarded, our emergency response system can make sure you’re always up, even when other local businesses are down.

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Customer Success Stories

On Call Business has managed to support many businesses, and yours could be next!

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Just add your call center as a responder to our web portal. All calls are recorded and you’ll know how much better your own trained staff can answer company calls.

Absolutely! You can answer your calls from anywhere you are. As a responder, you would be notified of any call and given ample time to prepare for a call.


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